I design
For the web, UI/UX & otherwise
I enjoy
Photography &
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Hi, I m Shahzad Khan, a new media creative individual based in Karachi - Pakistan
Photoshop. Illustrator. Flash.
Html. CSS. JQuery
Senior UI/UX designer @ VentureDive.
Websites. Blogs. Interfaces. Presentations.


I've been designing for a wide variety of clients since 2003.

Since then I've been involved with different projects big & small during these years & have put my best effort in bringing out awesome results.


My work involves me in working with the web media, the print media & presentations, not to mention I've also designed iPhone applications.

I m most comfortable in working for the web, but it's very liberating to work for other platforms such as web based games, facebook apps, print, presentations and of course iPhone apps.

Right Now

I m currently employed at VentureDive as a Senior UI/UX designer.

I like to work on various freelance projects other than my full time job, helps me produce a variety of content.

Occasionally I try to work on producing my own video content, mostly these are simple & less technical, where I produce, direct & edit the videos plus do the background music composition if needed.

Featured Work

Media Redirect

An SEO specialization company.

Demented Inc.

A products company launching soon.

dehog. this is me.

The place I ramble randomly

Shady Puzzles

Shady Puzzles is a fun to play iPhone Puzzle game. The game not only demands attention, but challeneges one's brain power to the fullest, not to mention it's super addictive!

TimeSvr iPhone Web App

This is a TimeSvr web application specially made for the iPhone.

TimeSvr Website

This is the official website for the TimeSvr service.


One of the biggest social gaming networks in Turkey.

illusio Website

Official website for illusio, a company that dealt with exibitions

and alot of other print related work.

Assyrian - The Struggle for Identity

Official website for the documentry of the same name.

Gunaah the band - Concept website

This was deisgned as a concept for the band's website,

but was not released.

Holiday Inn - Farmington Hills - Novi

The official website of the Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts,

powered by Wordpress.

Game Ventures

Official website of the social gaming company Game Ventures.

Ubisoft Pokerama

A poker game by Ubisoft.

Howzat v0.5

Howzat Cricket game interface

Howzat v0.5

Howzat cricket game website

Peanut Labs Media

Official website for Peanut Labs Media.

Huma Yusuf's Blog

This is Huma Yusuf's official blog, she's a freelance journalist

based in Karachi, Pakistan.